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Hyreo's technology platform orchestrates the different processes, activities and interactions of the human network, in such a way that the overall recruitment process becomes simple and more predictable. Our hiring tool enables you to automate the various process within the recruitment cycle reducing your productive time and cost ensuring a great hiring experience.

Talent Advisor Aggregation

We curate, profile and rate talent advisors for high performance self-managed recruitment
fire power.

AI based 24/07 candidate chatbot

Higher candidate engagement for better predictability and enhanced talent brand.

Resume Parsing

Hyreo's proprietary algorithms score and match CVs for highest hit rates.

Lower overhead & lower cost

Maximize your recruitment spend ROI by reducing overall vendor cost and vendor management efforts.

Why hyreo

  • Matching CV's in 2-3 Hours
  • Self managed recruitment pool
  • Zero vendor management overhead
  • Candidate engagement for maximum predictability
  • Social data for candidate
  • On-demand candidate screening
  • 3 Level quality check

Benefits of hyreo


Recruiter bandwidth Increase


Less effort for Back-office Operations


Less overall cost of recruitment